Parlano di noi

I feel somewhat bad about putting Kentia pizzeria into the Five Days, Five Meals schedule. Not because it isn’t a worthy meal-getting-place, but because we go there so often I don’t want to be shorting it by putting it in the midst of other eats. Maybe I’ll just need to do another Kentia post (my pics aren’t the finest).

We first tried Kentia, which is in Umbertide, somewhat reluctantly, way back when pals Keith and Tasha were visiting and we all needed a quick bite. See, Kentia is (mainly) a takeout place, with just a few barstools. And when there are so many good sit-down pizza spots, why would we try a takeout place unless we were desperate for a snack on the run? That first trip was a revelation under a green awning (Kentia has a big green awning viewable for blocks). A different style of pizza (sometimes called "pizza al taglio"), Kentia brings out big square sheets of pizza, and then you point out how much you want, and then it’s sold by weight. The pizzas tend to be crisp, without a sloppy mess of toppings, but with quality, fresh ingredients. That would be enough to have us stopping in here and there, but what brings us back even more then “here and there,” is the combination of the pizza and the welcoming, friendly atmosphere and staff. It’s just a friendly place, with pictures of pizza and family on the wall.

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